Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The long awaited update!

Hi all, sorry for the long leave of absence. We have been busy as the end of summer break came and went and we plunged right into the school year. As of late we have been making salsa with vegetables from our very own garden (we are very proud), bottling peaches, and school shopping.
In August Mckenna began kindergarten. That's right we have an almost 6 year old can you believe it? I have a hard time thinking that just 6 years ago we started our family, where has the time gone? She has a boy teacher and at first was not excited about it, especially because we are having a boy baby-she feels boy locked, but luckily after her first visit with her teacher he had won her over and she loves being in his class. I get the opportunity of assisting in her class every week and helping in the classroom with the 26 children, yikes! Mckenna is also in gymnastics and does an awesome back-bend, and is working on her cartwheels and handstands. She tells me that she wants to change her name to read Makenna instead of Mckenna and she has even begun signing her name like that, we tell her it is not the same, but having started to read by sounding out letters she says "well that spells Mckenna" and I say yes, but that is not your name. She didn't get it and I didn't know how to explain, so all we could say was sign with a "c" not an "a". Lame reason, mom!
David started a new job just over a month ago where he only works 3.5 miles from home; compared to the 80 mile round trip he was making before, we are very happy. Dave, on days he is not at the gym, comes home for lunch and walks with us to take Mckenna to school, that is a lot of fun and will be really helpful when the new baby comes.
Joshua turns 3 in a couple of days and let me tell you I think he missed terrible two's but is making up for it now that he is on the brink of 3 years old. Sheesh! Luckily he is fully potty-trained and so we get a little break from the diapers for a little bit. He is so excited his grandma Deedee is taking him to build a bear for his birthday and he can't stop asking, if today is the day. He recently had his speech assessment with Alpine school district to see if he qualifies for further assistance in his speech progression. After a grueling 1.5 hours of testing, in which Josh was exceptionally patient, they concluded that he passed with flying colors and was right on track, if not above, for his age level. The ladies who tested him were raving about him by the time we left and were amazed at how well behaved he was. Good job Josh!
I have been working on making bedspreads for Josh and baby Laverl, thanks to the help of family it has been a quick process. In addition to assisting in Mckenna's class, Josh and I get a chance to work together and learn new things while she is in school. I am sure I do other things, but talking about what everyone else is doing is a lot easier than talking about the things that I do that seem so monotonous and boring. You know, clean the house, get fat, take care of the kids, keep getting fatter, necessary shopping, spend time with family, etc. Anyway, we are all doing well and are excited for the fall to come. The leaves have started to change and we love to be by the mountains at this time of year.