Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Delight of Joshua

More fun stories from the home front - 4) Josh's amazing jello check stand throw

We were at the Walmart self-check out stand waiting for the lady in front of us to finish. As I was putting my items on the belt, Josh decided that he wanted to help. However, since we were in one of those very large shopping carts where the kid seats are far away from the basket, Josh couldn't reach the basket or the belt very well. So, he decided to throw the items onto the belt starting with a box of jello. However, his throw went over the belt and into the other lady's grocery bag. We both had a laughed and applauded Josh's badly aimed throw as she handed the box of jello back to me. After she had finished her transaction and was getting ready to leave, she looked at her receipt and realized that Josh’s box of jello not only had ended up in her bag, but the jello had scanned itself on the way. Embarrassingly, I didn’t have any change to give her to pay for it and I insisted that she take the jello (as she had paid for it). Instead, she graciously gave it to me and said that it didn’t cost that much and wasn't a big deal. All I could do was tell Josh not to throw any more items and shake my head.

11) Josh and the 1000 pound pig

At the Macey’s BYU tailgate party, a carnival type area was set up with different booths and games for the children (blow up bouncy toys, donut eating contest, football toss, etc). There was also a massively smelly pig located inside a horse trailer. It was so big that it couldn't move much and was really, really ugly. A man was feeding it vegetables and water out of a water bottle and Josh was so enthralled with the pig that he stared at it for 20 minutes. I constantly tried to get him to play other games, but after one, he ended up going back and just staring at the pig. When asked later what Josh thought of the pig, he said “it had dirt on it's bottom” and he liked watching him being fed. The true character of Josh was seen as he was willing to give up treats and games for a truly awesome viewing experience.