Sunday, October 25, 2009

After only 10 years of trying. . . finally!

After only 10 years of diligently drawing out for the deer hunt, he got one. Middle of October Dave and a his family (boys only) get together and set up their posh little camping village, complete with; kitchen sick, carpeted tents, heated showers and big screen movie theatre. They spend who knows how long doing what up there, but I can attest to what takes place before they go. For Dave it is: Curing and drying 8 pounds of meat, which takes close to 10 hours (for the hunt), filling propane tanks, buying enough food to feed at least 4 people. Making sure he has enough snacks for at least 10 people (6 pounds of gummy bears-of which only 1 pound came back), and packing. So on the first day of the actual allowed hunting days Dave ventures out into the hills above squaw creek near Strawberry. . . wait, wait wait, Dave wants to tell the real story, so here goes. It all began at 6:30 am on a chilly Saturday morning, October 17th to be exact. We head out from camp and drove to our predetermined destination at which point the party separates, while my two brothers drive up the backside of the hill. Pops and I walked up the hill. It was decided that I would sit on a hillside overlooking a valley, but as I sat I realized I was not in a very strategic location, I noticed that if I moved a little farther back down the path that we had come up I would have a better view of not only just one valley but several different locations that deer might be pushed through. I found a good spot and sat there for about 45 minutes or so, quietly observing, by this time it was getting close to 9 o-clock. I figured it was a good time to move around and look for a better location. So I put on my gear, and started up the hill towards the ridge. As I was walking up I noticed ahead of me that my dad was moving east along the ridge. I also made my way to the ridge and began walking North, down the backside. One thing I remember was that the wind was blowing and the sun had risen giving off early morning light. It was a lovely Aspen grove. As the wind was blowing and the leaves were falling off the trees it was a very beautiful and serene experience, to be there. As I continued walking I noticed a skull on the ground, I went and picked it up and noticed that it belonged to a young buck, not too big. It was then that I heard the tell tell sound of deer walking briskly through the forest. I looked toward the sound and noticed, about 100 yards out, three deer walking my way, they were weaving thorough the trees, it was then that I noticed that there was a buck in the midst of a doe and a young deer. So I bent to one knee, made sure my gun was off safety, shouldered my rifle and followed the deer in my scope. I remember saying to myself. "wait for the right shot, don't rush it." All this while they didn't notice me, they didn't get any closer than 50 yards, they were walking in a west to east direction towards me. I had that buck in my scope, adjusted my magnification to ensure the best shot. I continued to follow him keeping my cross hairs square on his chest, waiting for the best shot. When I felt the time was right I squeezed the trigger. I quickly chambered another round. I noticed he hadn't fallen but seemed more confused, he wasn't running but he hadn't stopped either, he was more looking around. In his confusion I took aim and fired a second round. By this time I could tell he was definitely wounded by the way he was acting. I chambered one more round and just to be sure I took aim and fired a third time. I watched him as he fell. I chambered one more round just in case he jumped up as I cautiously started walking over to him. My thoughts were "I can't believe this just happened, I can't believe I just killed my first deer." When I came up to him, I noticed he wasn't dead yet, he was struggling for breath, making a gasping noise, but he quickly expired. Then all was quiet. With my ears ringing from the shots, I stood there and thought to myself, "this is what i came out here for, now what do I do." First order of business was to cut his throat, and allow the blood to drain. I then took out my deer tag and attached it to it's antlers. At this point, my dad having heard my gun fire, came over with a big smile on his face, gave me a high five and said "alright! Dave, you did it." I also saw, coming from the other direction, my brother Jon who was making his way towards us. Having never killed a deer let alone cleaned one. My dad immediately took out his knife, put on his gloves and instructed me to do the same. He then showed me, step by step, how to field dress a deer. (details will be spared during this part of the story, for obvious reasons, blaaaah). I than posed for the "Happy hunter got his kill" picture. Jon and I each grabbed an antler and drug him down the hill where my uncle was waiting. Boy was he heavy. He was a good 4 point-probably 150-200 pounds of solid dead wait. We then took turns dragging it back down to the truck. We hung it up back at camp, skinned it and then I proceeded to call my wife and tell her the good news. He says the end, but that is not where it ends. He came home hung the dead carcass in the drive way, unpacked his stuff, and that night began cutting the meat off the bones. It was really windy that night, but he and Jon toughed it out and finished the job. Since then Dave has had this fabulous idea (not) of cleaning, boiling, and bleaching the skull to a brilliant white complete with antlers still attached, just perfect for hanging in an unpopulated location, to revel in his victory. We figure that, the meat was at least 50 dollars a pound. After 10 years of paying to draw out and camping expenditures that was the most expensive deer ever. But hey, he did it and no doubt he will do it again. Until next year. . .

Friday, August 14, 2009

My little blue eyes family!

Here is the latest pics of my little family.
We have been super busy this summer. Mckenna is excited to go to 1st grade where she will stay all day and eat lunch in the cafeteria. Oh the bliss of childhood excitement. Josh will be attending a joy school this fall and attending music and movement at the library. Ian is growing super fast. he is already crawling on hands and knees and is pulling himself up on things (knees not feet). I have been selling aprons, and flowers at the local farmers market and it has been fun to see what I can create. Dave has been taking good care of our growing garden and we are now enjoying the fruits of his labor. He has also been going on high adventure hikes/campouts with the scouts, where he has develoved a new love for repelling.
Tell me this how can I have three children and all have their daddy's blue eyes? I figure we will just have to wait to see if the forth one has blue eyes, cause if he/she does then I will really be concerned with the punnet square philosophy. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. In case you were wondering! Happy day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our little guy just keeps on growing

The growth of Ian Porter Wadley
4 months old

Length 25.5 inches
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz

Ian is a very good baby, he sleeps well, eats well and is
content wherever he is most of the time.
He seems to be a little more contemplative and an observer,
though he has the cutest giggle and a smile to die for.
He is very expressive with his face
and he does very well being tortured by his siblings
(they can't help touching him all the time.
Especially Josh who rubs his head
and face any chance he gets
Maybe for good luck. Who knows!)
He is working on rolling over and has actually done it once or twice
but they may have been flukes so we won't count them.
He reaches for things and brings everything to his mouth.
He is funny, because if you bring your his face towards your face
he will inevitably open his mouth,
it is so funny, because he does it over and over!

Our little guy just keeps on growing!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Real Time

April Snows bring may Rains!
Is that how it goes?
Well it does this year, but maybe,
just maybe we will skip to the flowers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Once upon a time. . . . . . .

Once upon a time there was a beautiful valley where the sun shined and people were happy. There was a beautiful family who spent much time outside, they laughed and played and soaked up some ray. And then. . . .

the beautiful family had to come home.
And when they got home despair spead across the land.
WAAAAAAAA, Sniffle, sniffle

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Freaky February to March Madness

You know how there is an old saying that goes "when it rains it pours?" Well that is how our past two months have been. As I have been flabbergasted by our bad luck, I have personally told many of you these tales, so I won't recount all of the details here. If you would like to know more, let me know and I will expound.

All of these events have happened within the last 3 weeks.

1-Josh throws a stick into the air, without a destination in mind, it hits the vans sliding glass
window and shatters it. The impact on the window also made the crack in the windshield spread like a wide "V" down the drivers and passenger line of sight.

2-Josh, so excited to see Mckenna's valentines box, grabbed it and dropped it, in which case it flew open and the can of soda pop inside exploded and showered the walls and carpet with pop.

3-Josh falls off the bunk bed and lands on his head, afraid that he had a concussion, we cancel our evening plans. Alas, no concussion!

4-It is a beautiful day, so we send the kids out to play. They decide to play baseball. Joshua pitches, Mckenna bats. She connects, throws the bat behind her it hits the basement house window and it cracks. YEAH!

5-We have had to replace 3 of our windows of our vehicles in the past couple of weeks, and just so you know, the glass deductible idea is a joke. I called to see if our insurance would help us out, but our insurance dude told us that the deductible is per car/per incident. Meaning we would have to pay the deductible 3 times. What a crock!!!

Now you tell me! Does a window count as a mirror? Are we in for 7 years of bad luck? Lets hope we have the luck of the Irish on our side. Happy St. Patty's day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blessing Day!

Ian was blessed on Jan 18th along with his new cousin Bridger. He was given a beautiful blessing by his father. Thanks to all who could attend. To all those who could not attend, we missed you!
Ian's grandma "B" made his cute blessing outfit. Didn't she do a great job?

We were so excited to get a dual baby picture with the babies grandparents, I have been wanting one for Bridgers whole life. Ha Ha

After the blessing we enjoyed 4 different flavors of bundt cakes. A big thank you to my mother-in-love Debbie for her help in making some fabulous bundts.

Among many of our kind attendees, my Californian sister Amy was among them, thanks for coming.

Ian is doing very well, and is sleeping through the night (most the time). He is really getting into the smiling thing (for the past month) especially after eating. He gives us big grins. The best is when he catches my eye from across the table and gives me a big grin, without be googled at. The hard thing is trying to get him to smile, when the camera is poised in front of him. Instead of smiling he stares at it with pursed lips. Just my luck! Oh well we will catch him sometime.
It is so fun!

Funny story: The other day Mckenna was trying to make one eyebrow raise while the other lowered. She was having a hard time and asked me why she couldn't do it. I replied that is takes practice to strengthen those muscles. She wasn't too appeased by my comment but stopped asking. She went over to Ian to look at him, and would you believe, he looks at her and makes the exact facial expression she was trying to accomplish. She said "Mom, how come Ian can do it." I just laughed and said "I don't know."