Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A couple of stories!!

2) Mckenna's neck stabbing:

Last Saturday, I was at my mother-in-laws while the boys were out doing their final hunting. Mckenna had heard that her cousin William was in the 1000's club at school, which I guess means he could write all the way up to 1000. She decided she wanted to do it too. Of course, she got distracted and started jumping on the couch with the pencil (newly sharpened). When she landed she put her elbows on the couch and leaned forward, quite forcefully, because the pencil tip went right into her throat. She was so embarrassed, especially with her uncle Buddy in the room, that she dropped the pencil, and ran to find me. I was in the kitchen, and very quietly she says "mom, I stabbed myself in the neck with a pencil." My eyes got huge and I ran to look at her, she began crying as my concern grew. Her grandma came in the room, as well as uncle Buddy, and would you believe she was so embarrassed that it happened that she wouldn't even let them or me look at it anymore. By this point it was bleeding and she was getting blood on her shirt. I could not get her to let me look, so I gave her a paper towel to put on it and we left and drove home. It looked quite gross and there is a little graphite coloring to her wound. She asked if it could be gone by the Halloween party tomorrow. I told her no, but that her costume would hide it," she was very relieved.

6) Josh's observations on life:

a) A utility worker came to the door the other day, and when he left Josh said "Mom, that man was black."
b) Josh loves to come into our bed in the middle of the night and squeeze himself between me and the edge of the bed. This particular night, we refused to let him stay, he went to his room crying, so I went in to ensure he didn't wake up Mckenna. He said "I want to sleep in your room," I said "but Josh, you can't, mommies bed isn't big enough, and I get squished." He said "I understand" I was so shocked, I asked him to repeat it. Then he asked if I could sleep in his bed with him? I said "no, I need to sleep in my bed, but he seemed so sad and I was still reeling about his last comment, that I plunked into his bed." After a couple of seconds later he said "I knew you would lay down with me!" Gall, what do you say to that, I obviously am not sticking to my word, too much.
c) One night, when Josh was in our bed, I asked him to get between me and Dave. He said "NO, DADDY STINKS." I don't care how late it is, that was so funny.
d) David was scolding Josh for hitting and he said "Josh, how many times have I told you not to hit?" Obviously a rhetorical question. Josh pipes up and says "20 times." That stopped Dave's lecture, because the audience was laughing.
e) When asked why he hit his sister, he said "she was hitting me and I just couldn't take it anymore."

10) Alissa's 3 pregnancy pet peeves:

a) I must have lost all hold with my fingers, because I drop things over and over again, forcing me to bed over and pick them up, it is horrible!
b) Memory loss. I could be in the middle of a sentence and totally lose all train of thought. I also can't remember the proper names of things. Like, sewing machine. Very frustrating!
c) ? would you believe "I can't remember" Grrrrrrrrrrr

8)Dave's mouse in the bag adventure (In Dave's own words):

As I entered the kitchen one dark night, I couldn’t help hearing the pitter-patter of tiny paws. It startled me at first, but I soon realized what we had here was a rather impressive specimen of the vile household vermin more commonly known as a mouse stuck in a rather large bag. The opening was down so he was confused and couldn't get out. He was running back and forth in the back all scared like. Finally, when I got up the gumption to ignore is attempts to attack my finger through the plastic, I worked him over to the other side and picked up the bag, quickly flipping it around so now the opening was on top not really thinking straight, I didn't close the bag.
I was kind of holding it at an angle thinking it was trapping him more effectively, but what resulted was the luckiest escape attempt in the history of large sandwich baggie escape attempts. I was just about to the door, for my plan was to trap him in the bag outside as the temperatures dropped below freezing (cruel I know, but my more barbaric side was calling the shots). As I reached for the door, the little rascal made his way up the side of the slippery bag, and despite the good 5 foot drop, did a peter pan and landed on the upper landing of the stairs that lead to the basement. At first he found sufficient hiding among the countless shoes and hats stored in this particular location, and he effectively dodged my numerous ill-planned attempts to squash him with whatever I could get my hands on. Finally, when my attention was draw away, he broke the long jump record by clearing most of the stairs, sliding down the rest, and disappeared around the corner. I walked away in disgrace, much like I imagine a mighty hunter feels when returning to his hungry family empty handed. Let’s hope things don’t get so bad that we rely on mice for sustenance. Well, he got it in the end. Might have been too fast for me, but he couldn’t escape the swinging steel bar.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Which one do you want to hear more about?

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