Friday, August 14, 2009

My little blue eyes family!

Here is the latest pics of my little family.
We have been super busy this summer. Mckenna is excited to go to 1st grade where she will stay all day and eat lunch in the cafeteria. Oh the bliss of childhood excitement. Josh will be attending a joy school this fall and attending music and movement at the library. Ian is growing super fast. he is already crawling on hands and knees and is pulling himself up on things (knees not feet). I have been selling aprons, and flowers at the local farmers market and it has been fun to see what I can create. Dave has been taking good care of our growing garden and we are now enjoying the fruits of his labor. He has also been going on high adventure hikes/campouts with the scouts, where he has develoved a new love for repelling.
Tell me this how can I have three children and all have their daddy's blue eyes? I figure we will just have to wait to see if the forth one has blue eyes, cause if he/she does then I will really be concerned with the punnet square philosophy. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. In case you were wondering! Happy day!