Friday, January 8, 2010

Ever feel this way?

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do you are constantly hitting those brick walls that pop up in life?

There is always going to be that "crying fit" when the answer is "no." Always going to be that heart race when you anticipate heartache or pain. There is always going to be that decision of what to do next. Always going to be that question of how do I teach my children. And there is always going to be that feeling that you are failing your children, and no matter what you do you can't protect them from everything.
My mother-in-law informed me about a new drug that has recently been targeted to elementary age children. This drug, Meth, is offered in the form of pop rocks candy. I didn't want to have to introduce these things to my 1st grader yet; but felt the necessity. So she and I sat down and had a very open and informative discussion about this and other drugs. After telling her the effects that these drugs have on our minds and bodies, she asked me "why do people do drugs if they know what happens to them when they take them?"
My answer was ready thanks to a great conversation with my sister-in-law Tara.
I told her that we all have to make up our own minds and make our own choices. We have the choice to make a good decision or a bad one; and that is really what our life here is for. With all our personal struggles and those temptations biting at us, it comes down to what we will choose to do.
That is the beauty of agency.


Tara said...

so true! I love you and you are a fabulous mom and sister! I hope to be even just a little like you and life would be so much better.

DB said...

eek! Do my kids even have to ever grow up? Can't they stay little forever and be at home where I can keep them safe? Now that would be a great invention.